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K3vin Envoy’s Skin Deep amplifies the sites and sounds of New York City. Since making New York his home, K3vin has an interesting perspective of NY City life.  Along with keeping a journal of his experiences through music, Envoy incorporates some hot beats, and glitch sounds to his tracks.  Can EDM ever be the same?  With this album, he designed the ultimate dance party.  In addition, there’s a variety of genres.  After all, these floor stompers include progressive house, dubstep, dance, house and glitch pop.

Skin Deep is a series of songs composed while living in New York City.  In essence the everyday details of city life become the backdrop for some real bangers.   Similarly the buildup, drops, hard beat and cool transformer sounds heighten the atmosphere of city life. New York really comes to life. Envoy achieves an emotional resonance with his audience, but what gives the album true power is its club banger appeal.  Its got a lot of spunk. Maybe it’s because it is dense with detail, but have a listen.

Skin Deep – The Music

Even the song titles lend themselves to the City. After all, you can almost feel New York, creating its own dark “Man in the Mask”.  The city jungle is a haunted world of “Faceless Entities” with endless “Secrets”.  As the crowds “Swagger” around the city getting from place to place. Add Skin Deep to your playlist for your next party and pay tribute to a generation of young twenty-somethings searching for reason and purpose while “living in a city that never sleeps”. – Frank Sinatra.

2016 has been another stellar year for K3vin Envoy and his creative imprint Envoy Records bringing big room sound and classic house music hits to the dance scene. Enjoy a wealth of exclusive club stompers for ultimate dance floor foot stompers with his album, Skin Deep. Available on Beatport and 150 digital stores worldwide.