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Playground by K3vin Envoy is a trendsetting album with an uplifting, foot stomping beat to dance to, not to mention the fact that it is insanely catchy. While the album shows great variety, it brings you back to those childhood moments of fun.  Perhaps it is its lighthearted tone with creative synths.  While the album is playful, it packs versatility as well, so none of the tracks sound the same.

About Envoy’s Playground

Indeed, its recess time and you gotta break out the tunes! For instance, “What Makes U Tik” is incredibly house-y and rich. Another highlight on Playground is in the form of echo with vocals in “Tell Me the Truth” and a progressive dance style. Or perhaps, you’ll want some jazz fusion in “Swinging”. Overall, Playground is hard to put into one box, which is a good sign based on the ever changing landscape of dance music. You can’t stop listening to these hidden gems.  You will press rewind two or three times just to listen to “Seeing You” and “Get Lifted”.

This album proves it must be true K3vin Envoy is a really strong producer, in addition to being a great DJ. Yes, you gotta get the playbook for your next party! So grab Playground. It’s available on Beatport and 150 digital stores worldwide.