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K3vin Envoy releases Love Has No Language with dance floor blends. You might say, it’s good enough to eat! It seems to be for music fans around the world.  K3vin Envoy brings some sweet tunes within the dance scene.  And to think, it’s all wrapped up into one album.

For instance, Love Has No Language is filled with the sugary club stompers. For example, “Little Red Dress” brings the best of progressive house for ultimate dance floor branger.  In addition, there are some new flavors added to the classic progressive house movement.  The recipe still brings big buildups and drops with the classic synthesized sound.

But to think, these songs have a long shelf life! Spanning a half of millennium of musical influences with “#Like”, K3vin Envoy blends a new ingredient in his ear candy with classical beats and dance music. Wow, The explosive flavor and banging beat. It does provide a cutting edge sound like no other. These songs add sweet EDM Sauce to any playlist.