Skin Deep

Have a listen on iTunes K3vin Envoy’s Skin Deep amplifies the sites and sounds of New York City. Since making New York his home, K3vin has an interesting perspective of NY City life.  Along with keeping a journal of his experiences through music, Envoy incorporates some hot beats, and glitch sounds to his tracks.  Can EDM ever [...]

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Have a listen on iTunes Playground by K3vin Envoy is a trendsetting album with an uplifting, foot stomping beat to dance to, not to mention the fact that it is insanely catchy. While the album shows great variety, it brings you back to those childhood moments of fun.  Perhaps it is its lighthearted tone with [...]

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Love Has No Language

Have a listen on iTunes K3vin Envoy releases Love Has No Language with dance floor blends. You might say, it's good enough to eat! It seems to be for music fans around the world.  K3vin Envoy brings some sweet tunes within the dance scene.  And to think, it's all wrapped up into one album. For instance, [...]

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