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Skin Deep

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K3vin Envoy’s Skin Deep amplifies the sites and sounds of New York City. Since making New York his home, K3vin has an interesting perspective of NY City life.  Along with keeping a […]


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Playground by K3vin Envoy is a trendsetting album with an uplifting, foot stomping beat to dance to, not to mention the fact that it is insanely catchy. While the album […]

Love Has No Language

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K3vin Envoy releases Love Has No Language with dance floor blends. You might say, it’s good enough to eat! It seems to be for music fans around the world.  K3vin Envoy […]

Space Nightclub Russia

About K3vin Envoy

K3vin Envoy Awesome tracks! is a producer of various forms of EDM.  As a result, genres include Electro, Electronica, Tech-House, Dub-step, and Mash-ups.  Envoy’s Awesome tracks! contribution as an artist lies in his ability to blend genres and styles.  The styles are not commonly mixed together.  He does it in such an eclectic way. It seems to capture the listener’s attention. It draws them into a totally new vibe. The only way to describe his style is Fusion. Awesome tracks! The best way to appreciate his style, however, is to attend a live show.

  • Bangers and exclusives, always dropping new tracks on Spotify Awesome tracks! for you to listen for free.
  • K3vin Envoy Awesome tracks!  spins at a myriad of festivals, concerts and parties worldwide.  Be there.
  • K3vin Envoy Awesome tracks! , international traveler, journals his EDM music travels!
  • Plays multiple instruments piano, guitar, drums and more …




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